It’s a basic function on LinkedIn, e-introducing 2 deserving colleagues, with your reputation and your initiative. But unfortunately it’s rarely used.

Let’s make this a habit, OK?

You start, then it’s their turn next to start the connection effort and take it from there.

You are the grease between the cogs, identifying why they are cohesive. Why they should spend time at your referral.

Here’s how.
First, look up one on LinkedIn and in the bottom of their “top card” (the top most white box) in their profile, click “more” then select “send profile in a message” in the drop-down box.

You will see the beginning of a LinkedIn message containing the LinkedIn URL of that (first) person, the beginnings of your warm e-intro.

Open another tab on your browser, open LinkedIn and find the other  (second-or more, because you can e-intro a few people) person’s profile and copy their URL into the message you just started.

Now you have both URLs together.

Start your message. Here’s a slide I use in my training to amplify how I open up my e-intros (the headshots are stock photos but they are not fictitous people):

Send your thoughtful introduction and wait for the results.

(Sometimes you have to remind them to contact, since someone has to continue the process you started, but I find that’s rare, since  I chose 2 great networkers. They already see the personal capital I have added to the message and hopefully will jump on a new opportunty. Now back to you…)

Feel that psychic compensation? You are a better networker for the effort, giving more than you receive: sharing the contact details, opening up new readers of great career narratives, and providing the catalyst for a rich interpersonal conversation. Who knows where it can go from there?

Bravo/brava to you.