Are you a disappearing act?

Is someone looking for you? If not, you aren’t using LinkedIn right.

But is your name Bob Jones or some other widely shared name?

Can we find you on LinkedIn by searching for Bob Jones or Robert Jones or Robert C. Jones?

Probably not.

My name, surprisingly to me, is shared by 17 LinkedIn profile names. Yes 17!

I get some messages destined to other Mark Halperts or Marc Halperts.

I am Marc W. Halpert. While I hate my middle name (please do not ask me what it is), it comes in handy to differentiate me from the other 17.

Don’t make someone work too hard to find you–you know what they will do–they will not offer you whatever they are seeking from you, becuase they cannot get to you and they grey weary of trying.

Here’s the best way to solve this namesake dilemma: put your LinkedIn URL on all your communications.

Emails. Blog. Add it to the chat in Zoom.

And be sure to add all ways to get a hold of you in the Contact Info section on LinkedIn, especially your cellphone number (you want to receive texts!) and email address.

Now no one has to hunt and peck to find you. They simply copy-paste your LinkedIn URL ( to the browser search bar and they get you talking about you as best you know how on LinkedIn.

The sad fact: you will never know who couldn’t see you, so fix that. Magic!