Remember, my fellow entrepreneurs, when you were first starting out?

You had those old corporate habits? Like blaming the other department for a snafu? Like playing politics to get by? Like always looking out for the next job opportunity ? Like enduring misery with your boss/your  boss’s boss/your boss’s boss’s boss/your co-workers/your {fill-in-the-blank}?

You went out on your own. Eventually the shell slowly fell off, as you walked your own road as an independent, and you know you still must answer to the expectations of the clientele you cultivate, but when and how is on your terms.

With the shell mostly off, daily arriving at your real self and how you want to be perceived in the market, you are sprouting and participating, on LinkedIn among other places, to break through and open up, to cultivate that flower within you.

Embrace this.

Tell us your coming-to-market story on LinkedIn, how your past skills make you who you are today and what you are anticipating in your future.




Spread those ideas and differentiators in stories, anecdotes, quotes from others about how good you are via endorsements and recommendations.

Yes, you can say it too, but let others propel you forward as you gain momentum.


Make it fun and interesting to make the reader want to read, all the way to the bottom of your profile.