LinkedIn has a new habit of suggesting connections for me. Often they are waaaaay off base for my business.

Sometimes others get me as a suggested connection and they reach out in the most bland and boring way:

Hey, you popped up on my suggested connection list this morning so I thought I’d reach out. I hope you’re well and having a great week.


I do look at some of these lonely folks’ LinkedIn profile (some not all), and if there is any micrometer of overlapping interest, I reply

How can I help you? -Marc

And I’ll bet you a cup of virtual coffee I never hear back.



Lack of energy in their initial inquiry tells me a lot about them. No best foot forward, just any foot. Is that the way to conduct the LinkedIn connection dance? Sloshing and leaky, leaving a trail behind?

They get an equally reticent reply. I do not come on strong to those who do not make the effort.

It’s like a faint knock at the door to my LinkedIn house. And you may recall my opinion on door knockers I do not know.

No one’s home to respond, not sorry, I am not letting you in, not even cracking the door open.

Diminishing returns as the dance winds down. As the music fades out. The lonely wallflowers stick together.