I value my, and your, time.

Now hear this: I have as little time as you do.

Two scenarios:

  1. To an old friend. A social re-acquaintance last heard from in 1976: You made an appointment with me, you cancelled the night before, you decided no explanation is needed. I re-approached you with good intention. We rescheduled. Then you did it again. You failed to honor my time.
  2. To a cold call networking group member: You approached me and asked to discuss how you could hire me, but said, “Oh, just write my profile for me, I do not have enough time to learn from you.” Sound of brakes screeching, smell of rubber burning. No, I do not work that way with anyone. Period.

So in return, to keep the equation balanced, I will make no further effort on either of you.

Friend 1) No matter we have not been in touch for decades and refound each other. No matter how excited you seemed to catch up with me. No matter that you retired from a demanding and responsible job. You have some odd ways.

Prospect 2) No matter how busy being so successful and self-impressed you are and told me so, you need a MUCH better LInkedIn profile to reflect your self-image. Why did you call me in the first place, I wonder…because  someone else noticed the same?

What does matter is that you have learned some poor habits along the way. You didn’t treat your business colleagues this way, did you?

Unlike you, I treat everyone equally–if you make an appointment with me, or I make one with you, then I am there, ready, ahead of the appointed time–old friend, prospective client: valued colleague or first time meeting you. And yes, some people disappoint me.

But I prefer to focus on those who are becoming amazing-er to me.

Marc W. Halpert

LinkedIn personal coach, group trainer, marketing strategist and overall evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate better!

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