Seth Godin said it well on his blog the other day (and yes, I am taking his very astute comment out from his context into one I want to focus you on, but his observations can apply to many things in our hard work as entrepreneurs):

In just about every context I’m aware of, important work doesn’t come from large numbers of people looking for convenience, connection or a smile. It comes from committed individuals who are willing to sit and do the work.

So, my friends, I suggest the following as we enter a new year:

  • Come to terms with “why you do what you do.”
  • Identify your target market segment(s).
  • Find your voice and intonation to impress.
  • Do this frequently, articulately, relevantly.
  • Ping on their memory radar screen.
  • Find an entourage of trusted colleagues to “test drive” new ideas or renovations to your profile.
  • “Networking up” is a lofty goal.
  • Be yourself, amazing-er than the competition.
  • Rinse, repeat.

Try it, you’ll like it. If you don’t you will languish.