I just hung up from a phone call from an executive coach.

Seems she’s very disappointed with LinkedIn not being able to filter out BS connections requests she gets-4 to 5 a day, she reports. “Connect to me to unlock the secrets behind {fill in the blank}” seems to be the gist of it.

As stated here before, I too am not interested in buying a bridge.

I suggested she report the offenders to LinkedIn. She has been, but that didn’t make the requests slow down. I encouraged her to continue to report them and add another layer: reply with an admonishing statement that they are abusing LinkedIn and wasting her time, then click “ignore” and notify LinkedIn she does not know the offender to signal her declining their offer, with more gusto.

That was her next step, she admitted.

And I gave her yet another idea: work some language into the top part of her About section that she is not open to connecting without getting to know the prospect first: start with a phone call, zoom chat, etc. rather than a blind date on LinkedIn.

She’ll do that too.

Let’s hope that the abusers get isolated using these methods and the truly interested prospects rise to the top. I’m not so optimistic but she, and I, are willing to try anything.

Just make it stop.