The Jewish New Year is next week.

Oh, and I will not be be blogging on Monday or Tuesday.

But today I am baking a challah, a braided sweet bread symbolic in round form for the cycle of the year.

It takes all day.

I am deviating from the recipe I have used since I was 16, and this year making a challah with braids stuffed with apples.

Recipe chosen from among the many, apples bought at the nearby farm, ingredients selected, and set out to get started early this morning. Bowls, sifter, cups, all the needed tools. baking sheets, parchment paper, cooling racks.

Not unlike your LinkedIn profile, but you knew that was coming from me and now you have it. Pull all your career ingredients together and make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

Create and enjoy.

Healthy new year to all who celebrate and health throughout your own annual cycle, whichever one you follow.

See you back here Wednesday.