It’s a massive undertaking to keep my initial promise to blog out an unique LinkedIn perspective every business day at 800 am. I write these a week in advance. It’s not always a comfortable position subject for me to tell you what to do, or not to do.

After all, we each have our differentiating way of making LinkedIn our own.

But I try to be relatable and educational. Yet I anticipate commentary back. It keeps me grounded to know I have helped you in some way. Further, these posts keep me in sight and top of mind, or so I am told.

So I persevere. And I am glad to say, get hired to spread my viewpoints.

But the time you read this, I will have completed my first in-person LinkedIn talk since before the pandemic.

With slight trepidation, I got back in the saddle again yesterday. I intended to ride that discussion with a group of nonprofit professionals and showed them how to really use LinkedIn.

Yes, I roamed the front of the room with my clicker in hand, showed best practices, and filled the time slot with as much useful knowledge as I could to take back to the organization and implement right away.

Best of all, I get to further their being true to their mission and cohesive as a group of marketing/fund development officers to tell the “why” of the organization and “how” you can use that financial help. That alone is worth the mingling with others as I grasp the return to the speaking circuit and can describe it on my blog.

I am back on the right track, again. I’ve been too long away.