Why you ?

Why do you do what you do?

Why do clients respect you?

Pondering questions that I ask very often. You’d be surprised how often that question takes other by surprise. “Why”: a powerful word.

The reason, I have deduced, is that we are not expected to think that hard and articulate our purpose. Or we do not regard ourselves as able to express deeper thought, because, well, that’s too personal, others won’t care, we were taught not to, so we shelved our innermost thinking and are hesitant to express it.

It’s not “normal.”

Well, get past that, leap over all that baggage I outlined above, and get self-expressive.

Differentiate yourself in your own words. Tell why you do what you do.

As I say in the second edition of my book,

The key to your value proposition to help the person needing you is to make an immediate and sustained impression: clarity of message, stepping out from the noisy crowd to have others take notice of something unique offer, how you help, why you do what you do.

Cogitate that in today’s Thursday Thought.