As this is being written, today I am upping my game. I am substituting as co-anchor of a Clubhouse with an accomplished multipreneurial coach, helping the usual highly regarded anchors who are attending to other business pursuits at the same time.

We were asked to work together, and I relish it.

Intimidating? No, not really. I am relying on my innate abilities to add value and steer conversation to a common goal: the betterment of the participants.

Yes, I am a coach, but not a certified one as there is no, as of yet, certification from LinkedIn. (If there were, I would have listed it in my profile’s Licenses and Certifications section.)

Would I have be asked without my LinkedIn experience? Probably not.

The key to unlock the doors of the present and future? My coaching practice opens all sorts of doors for me. And my books gain audiences I may never meet. And referrals bring me people to meet with my reputation to be authenticated every day.

So I will rest on the laurels of my past work well done, easing into today’s present, and launch into the requests I will receive in the future.

My past experience leads me to today’s opportunities, and then into the upcoming unknown that I can hone my skill set.