I just made an appointment to have coffee with a friend. One-to-one. Nothing surprising, right?

But when you think about the boundless possibilities of human conversation rather than email or text, each of which is compacted and close-ended, we can let the opportunities for open discussion take us aloft.

Or we can summon and record a video meeting on LinkedIn. Or we can record an audio “clubhouse-like” session LinkedIn.

In either you accomplish a lot in a meeting with your intonation or choice of emphasis in word choice that is absent in email or text. Yes, a middle-of-the road option, and to be used as needed, in the right circumstances.

Or decide no meeting is needed at all, which everyone appreciates. To wit, the LinkedIn video meeting for 5 people that was cancelled yesterday, because the originator of the meeting decided that he really only needed an answer to one question, which I answered in an email with an illustrative graphic pasted in to demonstrate.

Yes, nothing is black-and-white in our electronic communication methods. It’s an art to use the right method, chosen from many, and remembering that hybrids work well too gets the point across as expediently as possible.

Go forth and communicate, effectively, on our common platform LinkedIn.