I was the patient.

The doctor saw me, the nurse directed me to follow the grey carpet and take a left at the blue carpet to schedule my next appointment for 6 months hence.

I took the long walk and the turn to the next stop “Check Out” but no one was there.

I sat down to wait.

One woman came by, I rose and started the scheduling process, with my request for an early morning appointment, when she interrupted me, “No, sorry sir. I don’t work for that doctor.” That was all she said. So I asked when the next person who did was coming to the desk. “I don’t know” was the flat reply.

So I sat down, determined to wait again for more brain-lively assistance.

And I sat and I asked the same woman again to help me finish the appointment with the other missing scheduling assistant. She disappeared and came back flatly saying “Someone would be with you in a few minutes.”

This patient was becoming rather impatient. I sat some more.

Then a new person appeared.

Oh, I was loaded for bear.

But wait…she had all the personality of the patient service assistant of my dreams, humming a merry tune, breaking into some soft lyrics of the song, sat down, placed a bouquet of hydrangeas she told me she had cut from her garden in a vase at her cube, and with a beautiful smile opened up the electronic scheduler, caringly gave me the appointment I needed, the date and time that worked, and she even called me darling, all in a flourish.

My suspicion I would be similarly handled cooly and care-lessly fell away. I melted. My displeasure fell off. I left whistling the same tune she sang.

The LinkedIn connection, you ask?

Most casual readers of your profile are rushing, filling scarce time in the inefficient hunt for the right person, going through the motions. They suspect mediocre. They are not happy to skip from one ho-hum profile to the next.

Then they reach you.

Yours whistles, sings, and amuses to the point they lose the suspicion and become entranced. They will remember the experience.

They will want to know more about you, your why. Be amazing-er than the competition as I always say.