Yes, do it quickly. Cogently.

You do not get a lot of time to make an impression.

It’s all in or all out, attention spans being what they are today.

Nanoseconds to make the reader decide to press on. No one reads the About section of your  LinkedIn profile unless they are swept up with your Headline. And continuing down the profiel, section-by-section, to the end, if anyone ever reads that far.

Do you have themes in your career you want to convey? You had best repeat them in different ways in different sections, because like their short attention spans, most readers do not absorb your meaning unless you hit them with it a few times in different contexts.

That’s the nature of the current businessperson beast, but we are all guilty aren’t we?

Find your why, fill the reader in on your points fast and furious, following your fabled career, and foist them to the next section.

Today’s blog is brought to you by the letter F.