The first time I heard a colleague speak of his superpower, I laughed to myself. Clever but…by no means was his LinkedIn profile super enough to support his superlative claim.

I am still meeting superhumans whose Linkedin profiles claim they can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Most land like a belly-flop.

Many extol themselves with historic résumé “whats” and never tell us the all-important “whys,” or better, have other pros tell “how” well they do their “whats,” supporting the self-nominated “whys.”

Or they are just plain sloppy. I see poor vocabulary, weak verbs, grammar errors, typos, unparallel formats.

I sense reticence to talk about themselves. So they stop short of making their case.

All screeching brake sounds in my head about them.

Not what others think about them. Not how they have helped others or performed excellent work.

Ho hum.

Reader, are you superpowered and heroic in your industry? Let those you saved attest to that.

Are you revered for commentary and sharing your insight above others? Demonstrate your ability and in doing so, use anecdotes, video interviews, quotes in the body of your About and Experience sections, not just rely on the reader to scroll down to your Recommendations and Skill endorsements.

Be amazing-er.

Be really tuned into how you come across to the casual reader.

Your competition is watching. Make them shake in their boots..