• Your guest episode on a podcast just broke.
  • Or your article just appeared online.
  • Or your book was just published.
  • Or your quote in a newspaper article featured you offering a cogent thought.
  • Or you appeared on TV.

You want to share the business-oriented publicity you worked so hard to land on LinkedIn.

But do you know when? How? Where?

I offer this short video from 2018, and yes it still resonates.

(Although I would also suggest you make it a Featured item additionally, but Featured didn’t exist at the time I recorded it.)

I hope this helps you.

I was just on a podcast and follow my own suggestions to make my content available to help others and have the most impact.

Tell us when you are featured. We want to know.

Tomorrow: guest blog post by David Shriner-Cahn. You will want to read what's on his mind.