What message does your casual reader get when they read your profile?

Have you thought about it from their POV?

When you work on renovating your profile, you should think less of the message you want to convey and more of the message the reader will actually absorb.

Yes, I know I have harangued you in now over 2000 posts here to tell your story, but I never advised you to address the reader’s needs.

It’s hard to know what the reader is looking for. You can attempt to be found by using the key words they searched for in 5 magic searchable sections of your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Headline
  2. About
  3. Experience
  4. Skills
  5. and using hashtags in posts.

But what if they were referred to you by a common friend? Or noticed a particularly deep and meaningful comment you made?

In that case, they need to get an impression that will stick.

So observe all the other lessons I have offered here to make your profile really tell why you, but make the profile equally stimulating for the reader to crave more and contact you.

Is this easy? Not at all, but is anything else in our rocket-paced, attention-deficit world?

So I urge you to relate your own memorable stories, ask for recommendations that others tell anecdotes when you clearly shone, and reinforce the ideals and character you want to convey that will make your points well, and keep tweaking that profile.

You will then be getting to the heart of the matter: why you, why you do what you do, others telling how well you do it, and the goal: make them want to, and find it easy to get a hold of you to know more, right from you., the ultimate source.

{Cue heartbeat audio}.

That’s what makes your heart thump, you telling about you, straight up and directly to the prospect.