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Do you get to the office on Monday morning, eager to see what the coming week may have in store for you?

I do.

Or do you dread it? Not me! Maybe the Mamas and the Papas did.

Last Monday morning a LinkedIn message awaited me, a contact  by an old colleague to help him with his LinkedIn profile, not expected.

I also received a surprising LinkedIn video chat invitation from a great colleague in South Africa, which needed prompt attention to work with her referral, since they are 6 hours ahead of me.

And there was a transfer of incoming funds into my bank account for the past week’s work with my ongoing clients. That was expected, I have to admit, as I maintain a strict schedule for  e-payment for my services. I do not live in a world of surprise “paper checks in the snail mail.”

So 2 offers of business and 1 receipt for it. Happy and anticipated.

So back to you: do you dread coming to the office on Monday or anticipate the opportunities? Are you using LinkedIn to its fullest to fulfill those promises to fill your funnel of opportunity?

I know I do.

I hope you do too, “every other, every other, every other day of the week is fine. Yeah.”