Look what I woke up to the other morning in my LinkedIn connection invitations:

Hi Marc,

Greetings, we are doing a survey to provide more value to people like you.

What is your main pain point of your business?

Do you think a tool and system that helped solved that issue would be helpful? Here is some more info: Since 90% of all smartphone usage is via mobile apps, and only 10% via the mobile browser, coaches and influencers have a huge opportunity to engage, monetize and retain their clients/members.

We can create your own branded mobile app for coaches and influencers in one day! Instead of spending $50k+ on your own professional app and waiting months (not to mention maintenance fees), we at {company website link} can do it in one day with one low monthly fee. We are your own branded mobile app that focuses on client/member retention, content monetization and lead generation.

You can also offer them exclusive benefits like private events, e-books, photos, videos, coupons and more, all from within the app. We will manage any upgrades or bug-fixes for you, so you can focus on what you do best – helping your clients. Would be great to have a phone call. We can schedule a call here: {calendly link}.


So I answered:


“What is your main pain point of your business?” you asked.

I’ll tell you as a LinkedIn coach and trainer: it’s what you are doing here, “selling me” unsolicited on my part without even knowing anything about me, or my business.

So take a note on this cardinal LinkedIn rule: get to know prospects first, see where you have common ground, perhaps even connect to them if you earn the privilege, and then consider selling your services.

Just because you have access to 815 million professionals does NOT mean you should approach them in this manner.

And stop throwing it on the wall and hoping it sticks like you just did.

Please remove me from any future communication.

You gave me the makings of my next blog post, “what not to do on LinkedIn.”