You are asking a reader to absorb your profile, theme by theme, detail by detail, in one reading. That’s all you get from their attention span these days.

So when you plan and construct each section of your profile, you are asking them to mentally leap from one of your major physical steps to another, to appreciate the velocity of your career journey.

Like the fearless woman above.

Are profile readers concentrating on making the next leap with you? Are they keeping up the forward momentum you took in making your job changes, your educational advancements, your certifications, honors, volunteer work, published work, with the same excitement you experienced day-by-day, realizing you are only giving them seconds to follow you in your jumps to the end, your present, with a glimpse at your perception of a future with them?

It takes guts and agility to position your career accomplishments. It takes even more dedication  to perfected narrative to articulate each step along the way, to make the reader want to follow along. You also have to set the timing of the moves you made to explain them in context of time.

Some changes came slowly, some plucked you out of one company into another, some left your career on hold as you sought a new port in a storm. That’s OK. Just tell us and don’t let anyone make assumptions. Because they will probably be wrong.

It’s on you to tell us best the foreground and some of the background behind each step as you walked, leapt or flew.

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