I sit in amazement some evenings hearing TV pundits intersperse “you know?” in their news analysis interviews. Even some of the best of them use this crutch.

Well, if we did know, you wouldn’t be on my screen.

Someone else more groomed and self-confident would be teaching us what we cannot get elsewhere, not imploring us to agree or confirm we mere mortals can understand with needy “you knows?”

So it is with your LinkedIn persona.

As mentioned here often, no one, but you, can express “why you do what you do” as well as you can.

Never leave the reader wondering what you are talking about, or how to interpret what you have entered into your profile. No “you knows?” allowed.

If you add any uncertainty to the reader’s perception of you, they are gone, like the cartoon road runner in a puff of dusty smoke.

Rather, insert in the place of “you know?” a better phrase: “how else can I help you?”

It implies you have, are, and will be, available to add your special sauce, your super powers, your unique perspective, however you place yourself “out there” to confidently and firmly add value to benefit the reader, rather than query “you know?” just in case you did.

How else can I help you?