A few random thoughts about acing LinkedIn, via 10 fine points that may just help you have a better image on LInkedIn (and by no means meant to be all-inclusive):

  1. Use a country before your phone number in your contact details.
  2. Use your smart phone number instead of an office (or {eek!}) home phone number so you can get the texts that are a viable means of communication for so many.
  3. Do not use your home street address. If you work from home, showing city, state and 5 digit zip code is fine. Leave out the zip + 4 because that’s just like putting your street address.
  4. Leave your birthday off LinkedIn. Or add your social security number and mother’s maiden name for more excitement you don’t need. Ahem, the previous sentence was me being sarcastic, except the excitement part.
  5. Show your years of higher education. See yesterday’s blog post why.
  6. Include only details of work experience that are pertinent to what you do today. But be sure to show all the jobs you had over the course of your professional career. If you have to bunch them up, ask me for examples of clients I have helped with this.
  7. Cite publications you wrote, edited, were quoted in, guest blogged, guest podcasted, videos you appeared in, and tell the reader what they are about to see in a sentence or two.
  8. Comment, don’t use emojis on others’ posts. Be a human and demonstrate your intelligent commentary.
  9. Check you skills endorsements to be sure only those who know your skills in that area are among the endorsers. For the others, hide their endorsement.
  10. Ask for recommendations from those you worked your magic for recently, so recommendations are fresh, tell a story of how and why you excelled, and then the readers can see how well you do your “why.”
  11. Bonus: don’t just run spell check and pop your draft into LinkedIn. Instead, have your word processing software read the narrative back to you in its artificial voice so you can actually listen to what you wrote. You will be amazed at what you change to make it better and can thank me later for this one.

Do you have other tips to add to these? Place your ideas in the comments below please.

Before you click “like,” see #8 above.