Get theirs.

Find the right medium to communicate within LinkedIn.

For me, it’s LinkedIn posts with my ideas and comments (no emojis!) and LinkedIn messages to others.

Less so LinkedIn Articles. I used to like posting them, with some homeruns and other misses, but eventually I found the audience fizzled. Perhaps they took too long to read with our current attention span deficits. They certainly took quite a while to produce! So once in a while you may see me there.

I already blog (as you can see) via WordPress, which I like for its ability to schedule ahead of time and then at the appointed time simultaneously post to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Though limited to just one social medium, LinkedIn Newsletters might suit your needs for a similar blogging effect.

I admire those with the time and creativity to pump out YouTube (best friend of LInkedin) videos, although I have used them from time to time. I also link videos to my posts to keep them popping.

I was reminded a week ago by a colleague when he asked me about LinkedIn audio messages and now that they are back on my radar screen, I have restarted using them, speaking into my smart phone to use my time more wisely, and limit using them for the right purposes (you know, the boy who cried “wolf” parable…).

For instance, I wanted to get the attention of a LinkedIn employee who has been very helpful to me in the past, I could see she was logged on LinkedIn (no surprise there!) so I sent her two 1-minute audio messages to get her help. One hinged on the other. Two parts, with warmth and appreciation sprinkled throughout.

You have never seen me type, but I assure you, putting those 2 messages’ verbal material into a keyed LinkedIn message or an email would take me far longer than 2 minutes, plus I can use voice intonation to emphasize some ideas better, verbally, that would demonstrate my desire to get some much-needed help with my idea.

And in 1 minute I had a reply! (I make no guarantees for that type of speedy answer!)

Of all the methods you can choose, the urgency that a LinkedIn audio message has on the person on the receiving end is not lost, and as you can see, it can be answered with like immediacy.

Try it.

Get attention for the right reasons with the right tools on LinkedIn.