Have you seen the dishwasher detergent ad with the two adorable octogenarians who are seated on a loveseat, all cozy, grinning, who start by saying “we do it every night” {hint hint wink wink}?

Of course they are speaking about running their dishwasher to save water over doing the dinner dishes by hand. But it sure is memorable.

The LinkedIn parallel, you ask?

I challenge you to post something on LinkedIn every night or every day (or so), to be memorable.

Not asking too much, am I?

Post something you have read that is worth sharing, or some story you want us to know about, some fact to learn from, or some event you have coming up that you want us to know about. Something of value to your connections, or to others on LinkedIn. Tell us why in your comment to the shared material. Why is this noteworthy?

Please do this and you can thank me later with a story of how my advice helped you in some way. Hah! That’s another idea for you adding a post! See how easy that is?

And if you are at a loss for sources of something to share, have a look at just a few of my fave go-to links so you can find an article that interests you.

Introduce it to us by telling why you want to share it with your comments to your post.

Start here:



Harvard Business Review-Ideas and Advice for Leaders

MIT Sloan Management Review

Readers: Please share with us other sources do you rely upon to educate yourself, take the pulse of what’s new in business, beyond just these four I mention?

Please tell us by commenting back here so others can benefit as well.

Isn’t that what we are supposed to do on LinkedIn: share new information, connect via common threads, and collaborate with others?

Can you try, aim, shoot for at least one contribution a day or every few days, or at least once week?

Something interesting must flash on your screen at least once every few days! Here’s one I posted recently for an example.

Being absent from commenting and actively sharing material on LinkedIn means you are not “ping-ing” on others’ memory radar screens and you will be easily forgotten for that next opportunity.

Be top of mind. Be memorable. Be amazing-er.

Try frequently and visibly contributing!