I liken the first steps in the mating dance of meaningful LinkedIn connections to a knock at my door, coming at me in the form of the above graphic.

“Who’s there?” runs through my mind.


Not helpful.

You are not coming inside my LinkedIn house if you cannot tell me why I should even consider letting you in. And with no inkling why I should move forward with this knock, I ignore it.

Did I forego the Publisher’s Clearinghouse emcee, with TV cameras, offering me a million dollars a day for life? Not likely.

Was the knock from a person offering to convert me to a new religion to save my soul? If today is Saturday morning, it could be, but do I want to answer the door? Not likely.

Moral: If you cannot send me a warm note of introduction to tell me:

  • why I can help you
  • or why you can help me
  • or whom we know in common who sent you
  • or why me + why you = beautiful music together,
  • or something intelligent, please???

when you knock at my LinkedIn door, don’t bother.

There, I said it.