person in white dress shirt holding black smartphone

Pushback from a client:

No way I am putting my smart phone number in the contact details on my personal profile.

I say: yes, way.

You will miss texts from recruiters and prospective clients who prefer to communicate in this medium.

And if you think they will call your office number (since you are not there anyway) and take the time to leave you a voice message only to play phone tag with you, you are living in a past decade. They will pass you by and go to your competitor. Too much work.

Recognize your phone number is easily accessible on the internet, so get over it.

And while you are posting your number, add your country code: + There you go, mine. Then the denizens of What’s App and Signal also can communicate with you, if that’s their preferred method.

So let’s say you get a nuisance call on your smart phone. What do you do? You get smarter and block them. But you still have your cell phone accessible to you and an interested party to offer you an opportunity.

Don’t miss opportunities by myopia.