The pandemic has to be recorded in history as two momentous years for intense introspection. I know I have expanded my thought processing and I hope you have taken it as a growth opportunity for increasing your inward improvement.

Understood, a nonprofit “dedicated to helping those who learn and think differently thrive at home, in school and in life” published a single page that hangs on my wall “15 growth mindset questions” that I will spin into ways to rethink your LinkedIn presence.

10. Are you proud of the end result?

How can you possibly assess yourself as well as another person? How do you know if the client really liked what you did? Well, they can tell you, which is nice, but ultimately fades into the ether. They can send you an email, but it may not tell you, and others, how you succeeded. How well you did your “why.”

They can endorse your for skills, but that’s like a hit and run, with little “why” behind the “how.”

Best of all, you can ask them to recommend you on LinkedIn, with specific comments about aspects of your work that they especially admired, with examples, and those that you want to shine in the eyes of the reader.

Or even better, they can recommend you without your asking, but will you get what you want them to say?

In LinkedIn recommendations you can, and should when needed, send the draft recommendation back to the author with an appreciative note, but with specific areas to tweak or change, to make it truly have your desired effect.

Don’t worry, they’ll be happy to. They made a commitment to you in this way in the first place ,so they want their final words on your profile to help you and reflect well on them. Then all are served proudly with the desired result: writer, reader, and you!

That’s a trifecta!