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Q: The colleague is a marketing expert who is working for a client. The client needs to start a new company Page on LinkedIn. Which of them can post one?

A: Both. LinkedIn requires an owner of the company to start a company Page (or someone who checks a box and attests they are authorized to do so):

I verify that I am an authorized representative of this organization and have the right to act on its behalf in the creation and management of this page. The organization and I agree to the additional terms for Pages.

Once the barebones of the Page have created, the owner can assign various ownership and editorial rights to someone else. The point: the owner starts it, someone else can be added to administer it.

Finer points of this answer:

  1. Be sure you assign this responsibility to someone who will continually monitor, tweak, edit, and add valuable content to it.
  2. You can add admins at various levels of access.
  3. You should agree internally to create an editorial calendar so everyone is focussed on the marketing responsibilities they have taken on.
  4. And if, or when, nominee(s) leave(s) your company or no longer consult(s) for you, be sure the owner of the Page sure rescinds those rights.
  5. Make every entry to the Page a marketing opportunity to tell why your company does what it does.

(Who else can add additional fine points to help others reading here?)

This page on the LinkedIn Help Center will get you oriented with all of the above.

It takes a team effort. And good that it does.