On New Year’s Eve 2022, at the crack of midnight, Big Ben rang again, after years of painstaking restoration repairing damage dating from the Nazi bombing of London in WW2 and decades of mechanical wear and tear.

Watch and listen to the familiar sound of a faithful icon, now back with us, newly witnessing history, going forth.

Why don’t you use this as a metaphorical reminder to chime in to the global professional conversation on LinkedIn?

And I suggest you do so with regularity, no not hourly like Ben, and not necessarily daily, but at least let us know you are out there, guiding us and adding quality, offering your unique perspective to enrich your connections via the LinkedIn conversation.

While the world is moving at lightning speed, be a constant. Restore your brand image by finding the time to make some useful, respectable, reliable sounds.

Even if you do not have something to say, attach an article or a post you read somewhere, and add a brief comment to tell us why this is important to you.

Tell us. Ring your bells.

Or be silent and forgotten.

Your choice.

I say be Big Ben-er, amazing-er, than last year.