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I resolved a long time ago not to make new year’s resolutions. And I don’t read others’. Why? Because no one follows through on them, so they ring hollow for the new year.

However, I resolve to continually improve and amend my ways with each new day. As I learn throughout the year. As a challenge to myself. As I encourage others to practice that philosophy.

So even if I did (which I don’t since COVID) work out in a membership brick-and-mortar exercise facility, I would not be one of those gymrats who come daily for a couple of weeks in January, and then disappear.

I would go at the same time. Daily. And for the next day, week, and month. Year round. A healthy habit, not a lugubrious chore and thus temporary.

Learning new behaviors, practicing, mentally embracing that I am always in beta, changing, career-morphing to meet new environmental influences (however you define them): these are also daily parts of my entrepreneurial life. Read more about this.

Am I a symbol of perfection? Hell no.

I just aim for my “it,” and work towards “it,” and demonstrate “it,” from my lens, in hopes to help others achieve their “it”s.

All while trying to be amazing-er. And getting you there too.

All year long. Not just a week or so and then back to old familiar ways.

My questions:

  1. How about you? How do you seek to be amazing-er?
  2. Do you aim for better practices in using tools in your toolbox, LinkedIn included, to show your entrepreneurial or professional brand?
  3. What are your differentiators? How do you strive to be unique?

I am looking for a professional conversation here on this topic. Yes, a few minutes’ time with your written comments. Not “like” or “celebrate” emojis, please–let’s leave that old click-and-run habit behind in the old year!

“Why you do what you do” is the continual answer that will resonate and stick in the inquisitive minds of your audience. Make them want to know and be memorable.

See you back here January 3rd. Happy, healthy, prosperous new year to you, treasured readers!