Scene: Zoom networking meeting Christmas week. The theme for that meeting: how can we help you?

Rounding the Hollywood Squares on my screen, it stopped at a guy who said, “I’m looking to meet the head of HR at XYZ Corporation to see if I can get him or her to bring me in to {what my expertise is in}.

Hmmm. The name of the company sounded familiar. So I politely switched my video to a static picture of myself, opened LinkedIn (you knew that was coming!), searched for the company, found their Page, clicked on “people,” and (lo-and-behold!) one of our fellow members of the very same networking group is connected to the CEO!

Back with my video on “live,” I chatted to that guy on the zoom call with what I found and he thanked me.

Five minutes later, the zoom conversation got around to the notion of how small the world is and how so many good people know other good people. So I just had to tell the group what I had found, and that they could have discovered that too.

In essence, the connection search tool we call LinkedIn helps all who use it well. Or not.

Update: the shared connection to the CEO is not in touch anymore (it helps to update your connections please!) so I repeated the search and found 2 more of my connections with nexus to two more XYZ Corp. decisionmakers to restart the process. It will work, I just know it.

But I think this particular LinkedIn lesson is worth learning by all who might need it someday. Like you.