close up photo of woman putting an earplug

I see so many useless, frivolous polls being pushed out via LinkedIn!

“If you had $10 million in the bank,” the pollster asked, “would you or would you not work?”


What value are you adding to the global conversation from this poll?

LinkedIn should be other than, better than, more valuable than, a personal soapbox! Pollster, are you so lonely that you have to poll us?

Responders, do you feel so isolated that you are compelled somehow to answer?

Just because LinkedIn offers polls doesn’t meant they should be so overused. Or anything else offered on LinkedIn.

Use discretion please.

Please remember that a great way to be ignored on LinkedIn is to “cry wolf,” like someone who posted every time he ate breakfasts, lunches, or dinners out. Ugh, did that ever add meaningless electrons to his posts! And loss of readership!

Clicking “likes,” or other emojis, in essence makes you transparent and uninteresting, and is another bad habit that dies hard. If you read me here you know my admontition on that topic.

Isn’t telling, in quality words, why you like something more satisfying, to you and more valuable to your readers? Quality of observation builds readership and followership. Not quantity of clicks and keystrokes.

So don’t complain that you get very little nothing from LinkedIn. You reap what you sow. As I often suggest, take a 30,000 foot view of your LinkedIn profile, posts, and comments. Would you even consider buying from you?