John Doe, if you are reading, I am sorry but it’s going to be very, very hard to find you just by name on LinkedIn’s search.

Even among other 11 Marc Halperts, and 31 Mark Halperts, I have to stand out! And my name is unusual, or so I thought.

I differentiate myself in a few ways so here goes. Tell me if I missed any:

  • I comment (not “like” or lamely click other emoticons.
  • I post on LinkedIn at least daily, with quality material (I am told!).
  • I optimize my LinkedIn profile in 4 special places to be found better in the search engine, using keyword strategies.
  • My headshot is full face and recognizable if you ever met me, and I use a recent one everywhere in social and other media.
  • I try to recognized, reliable, and easily found, and most of all, approachable because this is my brand.

I invest in it.

You may want to search for your name on LinkedIn too. It’s amazing how many people share your name so you must step forward. Self-investment is a noble pursuit.

Make LinkedIn one of your assets that pay you back for the work you put in to it.