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How else can I get through to you?

brown brick wall

It happened again today for a third time, and at least once most other days.

I want to schedule a zoom chat, or leave a text, or speak over the phone, and I need your email address or cell phone number, respectively, from your LinkedIn contact info.

Or I snoop around old emails or texts for several minutes, or perhaps I never find it, and decide not to contact you, so tell me, who’s to blame?

Not me.

Please, I don’t know how else to offer this less bluntly: be sure ALL your contact details are in the footer of your emails and on your LinkedIn profile.


Or run yourself into that brick wall.

2 thoughts on “How else can I get through to you?”

  1. Marc, I assume the nugget went to many people. I take it personally because I am not stupid (you can’t cure stupidity)but I am ignorant in matters of much of Social Media

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