Take a 30-thousand-foot view of your brand, and how do you come across?

Not good: you are reluctant to tell us your “why.” That makes you smaller than life, perhaps show lack of attention to detail, remain confusing to understand, all the while never saying enough to set yourself apart from the noise in your industry.

Or amazing-er: by employing rich language and planning well for the development of your profile, you point to past experience and current inner thought, well-articulated and expertly executed, including examples, skill endorsements, and collegial, glowing recommendations that make you shine as the star that your clients willingly tell you that you are.

You know where I am going here, yes, look at your LinkedIn personal and company profiles.

Would you consider buying from you based on what you project?

Your choice how to proceed: petrified status quo or always tweaking and enhancing.

The reader who drops by your profile gets one choice too, disregard you completely and go to the competition, or energized to 0contact you for more to see if there is a fit.

Now you know what you have to do. Review, reword, rewrite, and/or renovate?