anonymous woman showing stop gesture

I was referred to someone to help him renovate his LinkedIn profile. I met him on zoom for 45 minutes, outlined how I work with coaching clients: time commitment, scheduling, cost, etc. and sent a proposal (at his request) and then….

{radio silence}.

So a couple of weeks later I asked if he had time to review my proposal and what his intentions were. He asked for the proposal, after all. I have learned that just about anything can get in the way…Including him.

The reply: “What I really need is someone who can do this for me. I’d rather pay someone who already knows what to do. I know that I won’t take the time nor will I enjoy it.”

Shaking my head with amazement, I declined to appeal to his conscience. I am not a ghost writer.

Each of us is the master of our brand, the governor of our time, the beneficiary of the effort we put in.

Is it enjoyable? Well, my best clients have said yes.

Is it easy? Nothing in entrepreneurial life is easy. You knew that.

Is it cathartic? Wow, I have seen sea-changes in clients who come to grips with the themes and overtures of their past-present-future careers to remake themselves into what they’ve been striving to become.

I can’t deny him this experience that will benefit him.

How could I ever write that for someone else?