You don’t pull your own teeth, do you?

A few days ago I attended a small mastermind group via zoom. Some new faces, some old colleagues in attendance.

In the comfort of a neutral non-judgmental environment among seasoned professionals, some issues came up that we all share, or at least those of us who wanted to be completely transparent.

Some had really smart ideas to overcome the particular concern, some added to the conversation and took it further, others sat back scribbling as fast as they could.

LinkedIn was mentioned by nearly all, in their own way, in the context of how you get the most out of it, since it is necessary to the survival and success of us all. I had some comments to share along the lines of it is one power tool in your marketing toolbox. There was some scribbling.

There were also comments lauding the power of hiring an expert to coach towards greater success. Hence the graphic above.

Combining LinkedIn and coaching, tongue-in-cheek (yes, I know uncharacteristic of me) I let the LinkedIn comments roll along the conversation and offered my perspective when I thought it was needed, to realign the conversation to the benefit of all. Or some. Reviewing their LinkedIn profiles afterwards, they have some work to do.

Amazing how the words LinkedIn and coach keep coming up…