photo of sneakers on white background

I am having my website redeveloped, and the web designer was my LinkedIn coaching client.

Now that I have put him through the LinkedIn profile renovation process (he lovingly called it “I kicked his butt”), he is reciprocating with me, in a very good way.

The result?

1) He has an amazing-er profile; than he had before and was really into the coaching process with me. Thus he has achieved great results.

2) I am now in his process and appreciating his art and technical eye even more.

I am so pleased to count him a valued friend, colleague, collaborator, and client. I am confident he will do the same with my website and with me. I’ll willingly refer him to others.

Do you folks out there in blog-reader-land find that once finished collaborating with some clients, they become cherished friends? Tell me a story of how this happened for you.

I am so fortunate.