woman in black long sleeved shirt using camera

My last set of headshots were taken in 2014 on a hot August day. Indoors and on a fire escape outside.

I think I look pretty much the same today but styles have changed. Perhaps I have too. But last time I wore a blazer and tie. Before that I wore a suit…The new ones that I am scheduled to sit for (stand too!) with my esteemed ace photographer and friend Brett Deutsch will be different (cue the suspense music!). To see more of their beautiful headshots, go to https://www.headshotsnyc.com/.

And I will have a new more creative one to place in Project 398 that I am pleased to participate in.

You want a recent headshot and it takes an investment of time and money. Be sure you last one was not many years ago. I always get a chuckle in my educational sessions when I advise not to let your headshot look like it’s from your Bar or Bat Mitzvah portrait.

Seriously folks..find a great photographer you can work with. Ask for referrals, look at their website portfolio to assess their style. This is essential.

Relax and be comfortable in front of the camera he or she holds. In front of the background you stand or sit.

Keep experimenting with your career headshots, and ensure they show you approachable, in the moment stylistically and you have a picture for many different needs that may come along your way.

Picture yourself: based on your headshot, would you want to start reading your LinkedIn profile and eventually work with you?