(Yesterday I pre-empted the Back to basics theme and will pick it up today, in deference to Election Day.)

So today’s basic theme is on timing. Not yours, the reader’s:

  1. Readers spend a very short time reading your profile.
  2. That’s why you get a Headline and 3 lines of an About section to capture them enough to click “see more,” but do they?
  3. They don’t want to think too hard. You have to be clear and captivating from top to bottom. You know, “read all about it” like a newsboy hawking a late edition. Yours.
  4. Everything has to be perfect, updated, clear, easy to remember.
  5. And you must present all ways to contact you, with no extra effort, because that’s too much time and energy.
  6. And then they contact you and your schtick has to be amazing-er than the competition.

You have to open the conversation on LinkedIn, as a means of identifying ways to make them “bite.” Then with one taste, and another, you will have sated their appetite.

Then your LinkedIn profile has served you well.

Make them salivate.