Everyone talks about booking new business, they’re sailing along smoothly.

Then a pandemic, an earthquake, or a tsunami, or worse, your business suffers a devastating blow: the wind dies completely in your once-full sails and you are stuck with everyone else, in an economic downturn.

Though you try to glide along in good times, you are in the midst of murky waters. You don’t even recall what you read or heard to do to extricate yourself from the economic slowdown. Then you remember, some marketing guru told you to keep branding yourself at all times, especially in good times, because you cannot predict when the bad times will hit, and as we have seen, it’s uncharted in recent history.

So you kick yourself and wish you had followed the advice but you didn’t. LinkedIn could have been the life preserver. But you failed to grab for it. You never thought you needed it.

How many times will you make the same mistake?

So went the conversation with a residential real estate agent: he didn’t need my expertise because the housing market is too hot right now. To which I added, “Hey, remember a few months ago when it was dead frozen? Could that happen again?”

Why yes, he said, but he has it covered. What was the cover? He would just live off his savings and wait it out.

No thought to making an impact on people on LinkedIn or other social media to make himself memorable. Not adding thought leadership to make the quality of his opinions and his voice heard above the noise, Just his blind hope that it is a short-lived downturn and referrals would get him by. Naive? Yes, I would say.

Surmountable? Absolutely, had he heeded my advice to keep marketing in headwinds and tail wings and never feel you missed the boat for being first out of the downturn.

Be consistent, foresighted, and market on LinkedIn all along, good waters or bad.