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How do you mark milestones?

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I am nigh upon 2000 blog posts here, a milestone I will reach sometime next week. Drip..drip..drip (intended here as the marketing terminology).

I just reached 20 years in business for myself. (Cue the sand passing in the hourglass.)

Well, I blog about many things and my personal efforts to make a difference for you are part of it, so I also post on LinkedIn because my entourage of readers and connections, respectively, are part of my success.

They know who they are. I cannot do anything alone. I rely on them, so I invite them to participate in my electronic reflective words of thanks.

If I am awarded or recognized, I share it on my profile in the Accomplishments section. Peer recognition is the best there is.

If I am published, recorded, podcasted, or presenting, I let you know. The hope is that you will recall my writing, interview, and/or posts the next time you are asked, “Hey, do you know anyone who gives a kick-ass LinkedIn presentation?” or “I need a LinkedIn coach, so who do you recommend highly?”

And you have to ask for, and give, referrals. It’s a two-way interchange.

Is it easy? Nope. Is it essential to success? Absolutely! Entrepreneurs have to talk about their accomplishments and milestone. They brand themselves that way. It’s expected.

Do you expand your brand with comments on successes and recognition?

If you don’t start slowly and build up to it.

If you do, keep tweaking the messaging until you find what works best and run with that ball.

This is not a spectator sport, but a participant one. Be an MVP in your own branding and in the minds of others. .

The milestones will come, one by one, and then you can spread the good news.