Which coaching should come first, LinkedIn coaching or networking? That’s the question Rob Thomas and I were debating yesterday in our weekly chat.

Yes, we do laugh and cajole and tease. I am not sure who makes whom laugh first. But we do, a lot.

Rob is the networking guru you need to meet. His eagle eye on the right way to build an effective entourage is spot on. And he has a lot to offer, including being exceedingly generous in his introductions. That makes sense for a networker, right? But it’s the selfless quality of his introductions that makes him even more special!

Since he and I cross-refer a lot, we seem to be at this pivot point: who should a shared client work with first, him or me?

I guess the easy answer is to let the client decide, But it’s more than that. Some don’t know where to start.

Working with either of us is part of any entrepreneur’s self-discovery journey. We want you to be as successful as you can.

Does Rob’s coaching you (as you shape the elevator pitch introduction, the value-added marketing talk, the overall networking process) really help refine the points you need to make on your LinkedIn profile,


Does refining your LinkedIn “why you do what you do” and looking amazing-er daily to eclipse the competition actually form the initial networking impression on a stranger, who could be your next BIG client, and make your networking efforts more effective?

In other words, what comes first or best: learning the secret sauces of networking or renovating your LinkedIn profile, when both in tandem are essential to “pitch” you well?

I like to think of networking and LinkedIn as having a tennis coach: anyone can actually hit a tennis ball with a racquet. But it’s how you hit it, your form, the psychology, the etiquette, that make coaching in either subject that Rob and I teach the art that it is. Then it’s up to you to practice to be confident to play and win a point. And from there, win a game, a set, a match, a tournament.

But which first, LinkedIn or networking?

Yes, the age-old chicken-and-the-egg, the-cart-before-the-horse argument, dear reader, so what do you think is the proper order? And why? (Tell us in words, not emojis please).

Said another way, Rob and I can be your tag team, but who gets tagged first?

Marc W. Halpert

LinkedIn personal coach, group trainer, marketing strategist and overall evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate better!

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