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She actually did what she said she would do!

Customer service, or lack thereof, these days has become a pile of empty promises and blames. I am always wondering what happened to the golden rules of the customer being handled right and feel lik.

1.”It’s not us, it’s our computer’s billing error.” Hello? Who’s in charge here, a human or a chip?

2. a) “No, once we bill you, we cannot fix the error. We’ll mail you a check.” Right…and 2. b) I call again, “where’s that check?” I wait longer.

3. Them: “you must’ve done that because our system cannot.” Me: “No. I clicked the online button.” Them: “Sorry sir, that’s impossible.” Me: “Argggh. Just fix it!

So at a certain cell phone company after 4 months’ time, 13 hours of time spent on hold, reexplaining the history to 8 different CS people in varying levels of seniority, (yes I keep count) until a certain Lisa, I described the history again and restarted the correction process each time anew, but wait…Lisa cared, quickly diagnosed the issues, took steps to fix the mess the others created, promised to call back when she had proof her changes actually “took,” and she did call me back on the day and time she has promised.

Then yesterday when the monthly bill was finally available, she patiently went over the changes with me to be sure I was satisfied, and I was….finally.

No dear reader, in customer service the end should never justify the means. But it does today. No one on the other end of the line cares about wasted hours, just getting, for example, my cable service back up with no care why it keeps going down, them on to the next CS call.

My strenuously admonishing all along the way, asking to be moved up the management chain in multiple communication media did nothing but create multiple ineffective interventions, no managerial resolution to an internally-generated mess, each time someone intervened to try to fix it, only mucked (I said mucked) up further: alas, this is the current state of the dark art of CS.

Until yesterday she did what she said she would do–a glimmer of hope out there in CS Land.

I wish she were on LinkedIn so I could give her a recommendation for her yeoman (actually yeo-woman) accomplishments on my behalf. Thanks Lisa (if that’s really your name).

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  1. It is good to hear that your customer service issue was finally resolved. Unfortunately in this day and age of cost cutting, there are endless voice response prompts to go through until you can finally connect to a human being who unfortunately in most cases lacks sufficient training. But it just goes to prove that if you treat customers the right way, they will appreciate it and continue giving you additional business as well as referrals. Never lose the human touch.

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