Around here. the leaves cascade down as the season changes.

Old leaves discarded, trees go into hibernation, leaf blowers bellow. Trucks rumble, full of crunch brown leaves, off to the town recycling center to compost for use next year.

Some say leave the leaves. Some like me feel a certain self-satisfaction when they are completely off my property, a clean lawn to show. It doesn’t last long, though. Leaves blow in with every wind. They aggregate in certain usual places ever year, and remain there under rain, sleet, and snow and once again are cleared away in anticipation of rebirth in the spring.

Your experience ebbs and flows similarly. It flows into your past work, you rake it together into a pile and clear it away for use another day and bits and pieces remain to be used and cleared away again.

Feel complete from the experience you gained from your work. Use its beneficial learning today and again in your future. Tell us how your past provides your present success and further contributes to your future.

Rake it in.

Why do you do what you do?