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In business school accounting I was taught FIFO and LIFO, but in my LinkedIn coaching I teach the power of FILO.

First in, last out.

The earlier you capture the imagination and respect of a casual attention-deficit reader of your LinkedIn profile, when they savor the rich power verbs and pronoun “I” you explain your experience and others chime in about how well you do your why, the longer they will stay on your profile with you. When they appreciate the richness of your career journey, they fall in ”like” with you.

Introduce them to your career narrative, as only you can tell it, and start in chapter 1 and become enough of a searing page-turner to make them crave chapter 2, and all the way, as far as you can get them to, to finish the book of you, still convinced they want more.

Subsumed in your story, they want to explore how you can help them. Enough to contact you.

That’s what you have to do: reinforce what they already to next express yourself by person/phone/zoom.

Then they fall in “love” with you.

You know the rest of the love story.

The birds and the bees, folks, LinkedIn edition.