There’s a lot of noise outside my office door. The garage door is up to let in the remainder of summer in these last days of September. And with the light and warmth comes the clang of machinery and people completing some projects around my house.

We envisioned the changes, scoped out the work, they have a plan, know how to make the end result come about beautifully and efficiently, and neatly leave behind a new sodded lawn, all amazing, as I expect.

Yes there will be glitches. And perhaps some compromises along the way.

But the projects will enhance the curb appeal of my home.

The metaphor: your LinkedIn profile is your reputational home. You have street creds to exhibit. It takes hard work to plan, envision, execute, tweak, and tidy up all the changes. In the end you look great, no let’s say “amazing-er.”

You may have several small projects going at once. Or just one big “tear down the walls to the studs” rehash to accomplish. In any event, announce the “big reveal” when the renovations are complete.

Be bold and appear better in each way you portray yourself.