I have worked with clients who struggled to explain their why. And some have more than one business and that makes things even more complicated, because a few, or several, whys are confusing to a casual reader.

So today when a former client and I reconnected to chat, he told me a story of a client of his who after reviewing his LinkedIn profile remarked, “You are so accomplished.”

Indeed he is, with a few business pursuits simultaneously, yet in different industries. Each has a string telling of its birth, development, growth, and maturation. No two are alike yet he’s same person shepherding each business and its related string into a giant multicolored bow, all tied up and beautiful.

And as I reminded him, his entrepreneurial life will evolve in mysterious ways, wherever it takes him, so that bow can be untied, and retied in a new way with another string or one less string.

Your career is a giftbox with a huge rain-bow of experience on top. Tie the strings of your career narrative story together for the LinkedIn reader to marvel at your accomplishments too.