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Light at the end of yet one more tunnel

Entrepreneurial life is a series of above- and underground passages. Some have light, others do not, but in either situation, they must be traversed. And you are always emerging form the dark to the light, or at least I hope you are.

These pictures are from the tunnel under Baltimore, and we were lucky to catch them without any other car or truck to obstruct our view. The path is not always so empty, with speedbumps and roadblocks and noise and traffic to distract. Yet we still want to plan for and avoid, even if not guaranteed. Eventually, we emerge, on the other side, and better-traveled for it, and closer to our destination.

Keep going on, although it can seem dim, or even dark. Like dim in avoiding renovating your LinkedIn profile, or finishing that procrastinated project, or making that tough phone call.

Just get to the end, and emerge, move on to the next road not-yet-travelled…

There may not be any GPS, or map, just the pavement beneath you, so take the present route and get there. And beyond.

It’s a ride, a trek, a climb, a journey. Make LinkedIn your career narrative.

2 thoughts on “Light at the end of yet one more tunnel”

  1. Great point Marc. There are many things that will distract us, but keep going until you finish what you have started. You will be better in the end for it.

  2. You are in a dark tunnel and in the distance, you see a light which can mean one of two things….the end of the tunnel or a train is coming. Keep moving towards the light, it’s the way through tough times. Remember, trains make a lot of noise and that will help you to prepare for what is coming.

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