Today's LinkedIn Nugget


Send them.

In a pandemic world, it’s the most practical and safest way to find the right words, customized to them from you, to pat someone on their electronic back for a job well done, wish them continued success in a new job position, congratulate them on an achievement…whatever words it takes to make them feel the love.

Notice I did not say click an emoticon. I said use the right words.

Reply to requests for help, or refer a trusted colleague. Use words to tell how the connection can help both parties and let them go to it. Willingly connect 2 people who can work off each other to mutual improvement.

Or, here’s a radical idea, pick up the phone or schedule a zoom chat, and make it an ear-to-ear, or better, a face-to-face interaction.

As in the photo I took in Boston years ago indicates (sorry about the resolution but you get the idea), they are free of cost, but I will add: not freely given.

Spread your electronic warmth: reach out and e-hug someone who needs it, because we all do, now more so than ever.